These E-reader bibles, in EPUB format are suitable for the Sony Reader, Nook, Kobo, iPad and other E-Reader devices, they were generated automatically from public domain texts downloaded from the Unbound Bible website.

This website can hopefully help in the sometimes frustrating task of getting the word of God onto the vast array of E-Reader devices out there. I hope it helps you.

Due to copyright restrictions (bizarre, right?) the slightly more modern translations (NIV, Message, NLT, etc.) are not featured here. You can find such translations in the various e-book stores that your devices support.

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Chronological New Testaments (new!)

These bibles layout the new testament in chronological order. These bibles layout the new testament in a way you can read it from start to finish, and get a better picture of the story of Jesus and the Church being created. The chronology is based on that from Frank Viola's "The Untold Story", which is an excellent guide to New Testament providing the reader with mountains of background information to really make the New Testament come alive. You can find out more about "The Untold Story" at his website

This chronological Bible is based around the pairing of Luke-Acts and thusly, only the Gospel of Luke is provided. The intention of this Bible is for you to read it from front to back with the order of events preserved. I am in no way trying to down play any of the other gospels.